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Don and Betty Dopf

We are what you would call a “Mom and Pop” operation. We have been in the printing business since 1973 and are experienced in designing and printing user-friendly business forms that are used by all kinds of businesses.

In our small town of Cambridge, Idaho, 106 miles north of Boise and 24 miles from the Idaho-Oregon border in Hells Canyon country, we have been printing the Franklin Daily Time Record booklet since 1982. Our friend Bob Franklin, son of the originator, Bill Franklin, hired us to print the booklets for him until he retired in 1993. Since then, the Daily Time Record has been an important part of our commercial printing business.

When you call in an order on our “Hassle-free/Toll-free” number, we assure you that you won’t get the runaround. We handle all of our calls directly without routing you from an answering device. Our phone orders take, on the average, less than 60 seconds. That is unless our customers feel like chatting, which we enjoy.

We appreciate our loyal customers and we are pledged to provide the Daily Time Record for as long as they prove useful. We are more than happy to take suggestions from enginemen and trainmen concerning changes that make the product better and we particularly enjoy an occasional pat on the back from those who like our products.

-Don and Betty Dopf

2981 Cutler Lane • Cambridge, Idaho 83610

Between the Hours of 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, MST
Monday - Friday
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